Monday, 16 May 2011

Milk Tooth

After procrastinating for several months, I had my milk tooth or rather known as baby tooth extracted today!  Sob! Sob!  I was so so proud that I had this milk tooth with me for the last 40 years already and it finally gave way!  How many person had their milk tooth for such a long period - rare!

During my primary school, it was a norm that my tooth falling out every now and then.  The last time that I had my tooth extracted was my wisdom tooth which was about 8 years ago in a hospital.  Somehow the dentists in Holland do not do major operation then normal filling or extraction of teeth. 

As the gum needs time to heal which will take about 2 months according to the dentist, I'll then get my tooth implantation done!  Yakkie!  IMPLANTATION!  I feel so yakkie.... don't know how to describe my feeling towards this. 

At the moment, I felt that my left hand side of my mouth seems to be "limping" and I could hardly feel my tongue as I had anesthetic injected onto my gum which was rather painful.  Not only did he injected the needle once into my gum but twice and pushing it further.... auch that hurts!  I'll have to live with this "limping" mouth for the next 6 hours. 

When I drink, I thought that the water will flow out of my mouth as I could not feel it!

Thanks for listening!


Lisa said...

Oh Man, that sounds awful Lai-Yoke! The dentist is one of my least favorite people...I've never heard the term "milk tooth" before so not sure what you mean, but regardless it was not any fun for you I know! I hope your tongue gets back to normal quickly everything goes smoothly with the implant when the time comes. I can relate with with you- I will have to have a RE-root canal done on a tooth that was originally done in November! Not looking forward to that :(
Have a good day and feel better SOON!!

Brenda said...

Oh Yukkie! Dentistry is my least favourite thing! And poor you, to have a baby tooth for soooooooooooo long and now for it to be giving you problems! I feel for you! As long as no one sees you dribbling when you drink water don't worry about it - when it happens to me after a dentist visit I look at myself in the mirror and have a good laugh! Ok, seriously, I feel your pain and will be thinking of you today! (Implant, more yukkie! The dentist is trying to talk me into having one but sorry, I just cannot bear the thought of it!!!)

ALessner said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon. I hate going to the dentist. My dad still has a baby tooth in his mouth and he is 54 years old. Good luck