Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Made this fun card for my brother-in-law who celebrated his birthday last week and he turned ....
Had fun making the "break thru" wall which was inspired by our visit to Berlin about two weeks ago.  I know that I've been late with posting my blog lately.

 Brandenburger Tor - The Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin’s most important monuments – a landmark and symbol all in one with over two hundred years of history. A former symbol of the divided city, it drew visitors who used to climb an observation platform in order to get a glimpse of the world behind the Iron Curtain, on the other side of the barren “death-strip” which separated east from west Berlin, geographically and politically. It was here that on June 12, 1987, Ronald Regan issued his stern command to his cold war adversary admonishing him with the words: “Mr. Gorbachov – tear down this wall!”.

Berliner Dom - (Berlin Cathedral), completed in 1905, is Berlin’s largest and most important Protestant church.

Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial- located in Mitte on a stretch of the former “death strip”, where the Wall once stood near the Brandenburg Gate, is Berlin’s stunning monument to the Holocaust, dedicated to the Jewish victims of the Nazi genocide of World War II. Impressive in its awesome grey soberness, rather than sombreness.  It took 17 years for the Memorial to be completed in Berlin. Its foundation stone was a Bundestag resolution passed on June 25, 1999 to erect a Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. This was followed by years of discussion and deliberation, until the Monument was completed on May 8, 2005. US architect Peter Eisenmann conceived the winning design consisting of 2711 rectangular blocks of concrete laid out in grid formation, recalling tombstones

Having fun

The East Side Gallery is a 1.3 km-long painted stretch of the former Berlin Wall along the Mühlenstrasse in former East Berlin. It is the largest open-air gallery in the world with over one hundred original mural paintings. Galvanised by the extraordinary events which were changing the world, artists from all around the globe rushed to Berlin after the fall of the Wall, leaving a visual testimony of the joy and spirit of liberation which erupted at the time.

The West Side of the Berlin Wall

Escaping from West to East????

 Trabant knocking down the wall - This is the car that gave Communism a bad name. Powered by a two-stroke pollution generator that maxed out at an ear-splitting 18 hp, the Trabant was a hollow lie of a car constructed of recycled worthlessness

The Mortal Kiss - The former President of Russia kissing the former President of DDR (Duitse Democratic Republic)

Checkpoint Charlie - along with Glienicker Brücke (Glienicker Bridge) was the best known border-crossing of Cold War days. The sign, which became a symbol of the division of Cold War Berlin and read like a dire warning to those about to venture beyond the Wall – YOU ARE NOW LEAVING THE AMERICAN SECTOR – in English, Russian, French and German - stood here. It is today an iconic marker of territorial boundary and political division. Until the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989, it signified the border between West and East, Capitalism and Communism, freedom and confinement

  The Altes Museum (Old Museum) is infact Berlin’s oldest museum (1830) located in the UNESCO-listed Heritage site known as Berlin’s Museum Island opposite at the Lustgarten (Pleasure Garden). 

While we spent a 4 days in Berlin, we experienced rain, sunshine and snow but nevertheless it was worth the trip to see the impressive city.

Thank you for dropping by and love to see you again!


Lin said...

Thank you, Lai-Yoke, for these wonderful pictures. You've given us a wonderful history lesson! Love seeing you and your family, too!

Brenda said...

I love that you shared these fabulous photos and sober reminders of people lost. Love how you were inspired to make that birthday card.

Cat's sCrap said...

Hi Lai Yoke !

What a beautiful travel in Berlin !
Thanks for your pictures !
Lolevy card and adorable blue car !
It's very successful ! Bravo !

Hugs from France.

Annette said...

wow what a fun trip you had...these pictures are so so amazing...I am glad you had a great time Lai-Yoke...this card is so adorable...

Elizabeth Allan said...

Lai-Yoke the car busting through the front of your card is fabulous. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures!

Miss V said...

Love your card so much it's so cool! Nice photos too! xx

Lisa said...

Fabulous job with the card Lai-Yoke! It turned out really cute and such a great inspiration you had for it!
What a great trip!! Someday I would like to go to Berlin and see these things :) When I went we were in Cologne and it was beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos!

Sue said...

Very Enjoyable post to read Lai-Yoke.
Great card too.

Nancy said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs, Lai-Yoke! Enjoyed the history lesson too! I also like your FUN card! Hugs!

onecraftymama said...

I've never seen the East Side Gallery - it's unbelievable! What a truly fabulous testament to the history of that time. And the Holocaust Memorial - that is incredibly sober, and remarkable, and wonderful.
I love all the pictures of your trip - thank you for sharing them! and the fab card (omg, the googly eyes on the car! too cute!) I love the 'bursting' paper as it comes through the wall. What a truly unique thing to be inspired by!

Paul said...

Nice card Lai Yoke, this time I didn't read your post before my birthday :-)