Monday, 20 September 2010

DH at Pennsylvania

Happy Monday everybody!

Two weeks ago when my DH told us that he needs to go Pennsylvania on his business trip I was jealous and at the same time I wish I could join him as well.  The kids and I managed to pull thru the thought that he was there with a nice temperature while we were here in the rain and storm.

When he was back home, he brought all these magazines for me!  I was thrilled with them and enjoyed reading them and picking up some techniques here and there! 

He also brought home our favourite american brownies!  Yeah!  It was not too bad afterall that he was there! Perhaps he should make a monthly trip to this country and bring me more goodies!

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Heather Maria said...

Lucky you Lai-Yoke! I know you must have missed your hubby when he was away but he obviously is a great shopper!! The magazines look wonderful and as for the brownies - yummy, yummy, yummy! Are you planning a trip again for him soon lol?!