Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Donation - Schoenmaatjes

Every year the kids' school participated in the contribution towards children who are living in Albania, Moldavie, Irak, Malawi, Kenia and Uganda.  Children are advised to donate things like toiletries, note books, pens,  towels, combs, balloons and etc.  All these are being put into a shoebox which will be wrapped-up in a nice gift papers so that the children will receive them as a present! 

I've donated a couple of cards to the school so that they could raise some funds to this organisation.

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Corrie said...

The fund raising for Stichting Schoenmaatje went very well, of course also thanks to your beautiful cards. I heard a lot of oooh.. and aah.., because people realise how much work this must be.
Thanks again Lai-Yoke. Now we can pay the transportcosts for a few more shoeboxes.
Corrie Wagenaar - Ouderraad basisschool Het Kompas