Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow Snow Snow

Good morning!  When I was taking a shower this morning my DH told me that the temperature is reading at -8 degrees celcius!  Immediately, I got excited as I know what I was going to do today after the kids have gone to school.  

But first here are some photos which I took yesterday with about 5cm of snow fall. 

I thought I could show your how much snow has fallen by putting some colourful fruits on the snow.  By the way, I also love the contrast of the colours against the pure white snow!  Hmm!  Guess what am I thinking now .... more cards from this inspiration?

Tried to catch some snow on the leaves

The falling snow

See that little pothole?  This is our frozen pond and there are still fishes swimmning and that little pothole allows the fishes to catch their fresh air!!

 Another photo from Maurice's bedroom overlooking the street


I was telling at the beginning of the blog that I knew what to do after the kids go to school.  Well, I cycled to my favourite spot to catch some beautiful photos which I would like to share with you so that it will gives you some impression of where I live and the landscape of Holland. 

 It only took me 20 minutes to cycle to this spot - yes I cycled as this is typically a dutch culture.  I must admit that it was not easy to cycle with so much snow but the speed was much slower then usual but I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the fresh crisp air!

This is at a lake and this dog refused to go to his/ her owner and came to me.  I took the opportunity to pet this labrador.

Caught some lovely swans at the lake 

 and another

 typically dutch landscape with a glimpse of the sunrise

 Still at the lake

Usually, I would see cows on this field but because the temperature is too cold for them, they are hidden somewhere.

 I love this shot.  Behind these beautiful trees is the highway

 Wow! I'm so lucky to be able to catch a flock of ducks flying.  I wished I could take a closer shot but I was too slow!!

 Although the cows are hidden somewhere warmer, the sheeps seems happy to be outside in the cold

This canal is very lightly frozen

My dirty bicycle


Lin said...

Good morning, Lai Yoke! I really enjoyed seeing these pictures of your lovely country - please do it again in all seasons! Holland was one of my most favorite places to visit when I lived in Luxembourg in 1979.

Miss V said...

Holland is so beautiful.... do you still wanna come back? haha....