Thursday, 3 March 2011


It seems like spring is coming although the temperature is still freezing during the nights but the weather has been beautiful for the last few days and will remain like this for the rest of the week!

Just wanted to share with you that I caught this bird in action in our garden!  Have not seen this green bird (don't know the name - but it seems like a parrot) before in our garden and we even suspected that it has escaped from it's cage as it's so rare to see such beauty in a neighbourhood!  Maurice said that he has seen a flock of them closeby his school!!!


Brenda said...

Beautiful photo! I love birds and anything to do with nature so it was great to stumble upon your post today!

susanne said...

Oh my goodness Lay-Yoke, what a delight to see!! It looks like he was looking right at you :)! Love this, thankyou!!

susanne said...

How beautiful he is! What a wonderful colour!! It looks like he's looking at you while you're taking the photo!! I enjoyed this so much Lai-Yoke, thank you!!