Monday, 11 April 2011

Orange Tulips in our Garden

I thought it would be fun to share with everyone of how fast tulips grow since tulips are blooming now in The Netherland.  As we just moved into this house slightly more then a year ago, we have just planted two different colours of tulips in our garden which are orange and purple.

I decided to share with you the life of the orange tulips as it seems to be blooming faster then the purple tulips. Looking at how the tulips grow everyday I noticed that there is a growth difference between less and more sunshines, they blooms more if there are more sunshine.

A month ago, beginning life of tulips

A month later

One month and one day old

One month and two days old

One month and four days old (today)

Today - a peep inside the beauty

It's so happy to see so many flowers blooming in our garden right now.  After monitoring the lifespan of tulips for a month, Marcel came home from the city with this ..............

Guess how much did he pay for 50 pieces of these beautiful tulips????  Below are the currency conversions :

EUROS 5,00
AUD 6,80
MYR 21,00
USD 7,20

The tulips would love to see some comments from you, sweet readers!


Miss V said...

This is so beautiful! thanx for capturing the growth of tulips for me! love tulips even more now! awwww so nice to see such beautiful flower bloom!

Barb said...

So glad you shared this, Lai-Yoke! My goodness, they are so beautiful!

joy said...

Gorgeous phtos of your tulips, Lai-Yoke! And, the ones your hubby bought are also beautiful!

Heather Maria said...

Your tulips are absolutely gorgeous, Lai-Yoke! Wow to your hubby buying all those tulips for only €5 - it would cost that for about 5 here!

Brenda said...

Love your tulips Lai-Yoke! Such a happy sign of lovely weather ahead!

Emily Leiphart said...

Your tulips are gorgeous, Lai-Yoke! I love the fiery colour. The individual photos of them blooming are amazing.

susanne said...

I love these photos of your beautiful tulips Lai-Yoke! It's so wonderful watching them grow like that. Gorgeous colour. Your husband is so sweet to bring you home that huge bouquet of tulips ... wow! I enjoyed these so much Lai-Yoke, thank you for sharing!