Friday, 27 May 2011

The Versatile Blogger Award

Last week, I was given this Versatile Blogger Award from the talented Emily.  I got to know her via Hero Arts Flickr.  I felt so honoured and flattered to accept this award - Thank you Emily!  Do drop by at her blog Art From The Heart to see her wonderful creations.  Today, while typing this blog, I received this award from Jessi.  Thank you, Jessi for passing this award to me!

To accept this award I need to do a few things and tell seven things about myself... this is going to be difficult.

1.  Thank the person who gave this award to me.  Thank you, Emily and Jessi for giving this award to me and your sweet comments.

2.  Copy the award and put it on the blog. Done.

3.  Here are the seven things about myself :

1st : I'm happily married with my dutch husband whom I met in Singapore many many years ago.  I'm blessed to have two beautiful children of 12 and 10 years old.  Curious how they look like, then click on the label "Family" and you will see them.  You will probably notice that my DH might look much older then me due to his grey hair, but believe me we are only 4 years apart in age!

2nd : My addiction to cards making started when I was a teenager (I'm not that old yet) and my first stamp which I bought was Hero Arts when my then boyfriend (DH now) were on holiday in Cairns, Australia.

3rd :  Besides making cards, I make and sell bags as well.  When we were on a foreign assisgnment in Helsinki, Finland I was inspired by the Finnish Designer Marimekko.  Back then I wanted to buy a Marimekko bag but was taken aback because of the price and the bag was lack of a zip which I find it to be very important to keep my wallet after a bad experience in Holland!  To take a look at my bags, please click on the label "Bag".  "(I'm not promoting my bags but just proud to share them with you).

4th : I love travelling and love to get to know different cultures.  Being an Asian, I love to eat.  My DH always teased me that whenever a westener goes on travelling, they always asked how was the weather in that country.  However, the Asian always asked how was the food in that country!!! LOL!

5th :  My favourite coffee would be coffee latte. 

6th : My weekly cooking menu would be a mix of asians and westerns.   I've made a fix menu on Fridays as it's towards the end of the week which is Spaghetti!

7th : The next destination which I would love to travel to would be North America as it has been 5 years ago since we last visited.

I'm supposed to pass this award to several bloggers.  They have inspired me so much with their wonderful work and often leaving me lovely comments on my blog.  In no particular order :

Brenda U : Inifinite Possibilities
Susanne : Lavender and Rose Creations
Elizabeth A : Elizabeth Allan Blog
Peet R :Scrap Album
Lisa A : My Creative Endeavors
Barb D : BDengler4
Lin B : Hearts Hugs and Flowers
Susan B :Scrumples Crunch
Robin K : My Stamping Nest
Rosemary : Hey There Rosigrl
Heather Maria : Stamping and Stitching

Gosh!  I spent the whole morning doing this.....  Thanks for dropping by and have a nice weekend!


Barb said...

Aww, thank you, Lai-Yoke! You are so sweet! It was fun getting to know you a bit better! :)

Elizabeth Allan said...

Thank you Lai-Yoke. I am honored to be included in your inspirational list.

Rosemary said...

thanks so much for the award, lai-yoke!! that was so sweet of you! enjoyed learning a bit more about you!

Sue said...

Thank you Lai-Yoke for the award, I have posted your card.

Lin said...

Thank you, Lai-Yoke! It means alot coming from you! I loved reading your little bits about you. Spaghetti used to be a regular meal when I cooked, too, always on Mondays!

Emily Leiphart said...

Aw, you are so sweet, Lai-Yoke! Thank you for accepting the award from me! :D I loved reading more about you. Number 4 really made me laugh. LOL I don't know why I never thought to click on 'family' but I loved looking at your photos! Your family is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Lai-Yoke. This is such a lovely gesture and you are so sweet! I always love visiting your blog!

Lisa said...

Hi Lai-Yoke! You are so kind to pass this award along to me :) Thanks so much! I read one of your side bar notes about you and your purses- they are FANTASTIC! That's so amazing. I'm a total bag junkie!! I love bags so much- some time I may just have to hire you to make me one :)

Peet said...

Thanks so much Lai-Yoke. So sweet of you!!
(I put the award on the sidebar)

onecraftymama said...

Thanks for accepting the award, Lai-Yoke! It's so much fun to read more about you - and I'm going to go check out those new-to-me blogs right now :)

Heather Maria said...

Thanks so much, Lai-Yoke:) I loved reading and learning so much about you. I have to check out your bags!