Thursday, 9 June 2011

Canterbury, UK

We spent the last weekend at Canterbury, UK.  Marcel spent 4 hours driving to Dunkirk, France to catch our ferry to Dover, UK and the ferry ride took only 2 hours. 

Canterbury is a nice and cosy city.  It was so funny that the moment I arrived at Dover, I was so happy to see all signs in English but Marcel had to adjust to the left hand driving. Just wanted to share a few photos with you. 

Although the first picture looked very windy but the weather was pleasant to walk around without jacket.

At the background is the Canterbury Catheral 

Close-up of Canterbury Cathedral 

Waiting for our ferry at Dover.  At the background is chalk stones.

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onecraftymama said...

What gorgeous photos! It looks like you had beautiful weather for your trip :)
I always have trouble wrapping my mind around how close things are in Europe - here, a four-hour drive will still have us in our own province :)