Friday, 9 March 2012

Blog Question

No cards today but I have a question on blog.  I wanted to change the picture of my header but I received a message which says that my limit has reached its maximum! I've been blogging only for about 2 years and changed the picture perhaps 3 times only and I have reached my limit!  Any help would be appreciated as I don't like my current photo anymore as spring is coming.

Leaving you with some spring from my garden..... Have a nice weekend!


Blooming tulips


Lisa said...

Hi Lai Yoke! What beautiful crocus! Flowers should be on their way soon around here :)
As far as the header.....have you gotten onto the blogger help or FAQ section? Maybe there is a tip in there or even a wway to direct a specific question to someone who can help you. Mayb it was a temp glitch or something. Have you tried it again since then? You know how reliable blogger can be!!
Sorry I am really of no help!! Good luck with it!

Annette said...

sorry I can not help...but I agree with Lisa...check the FAQ and see if you see anything...good luck..

your flowers are so lovely...thanks for sharing.

Lin said...

Lai Yoke, I used to use Picasa to load my pictures from, which sent them to web albums, and one day I was told my capacity there was full. Since then, I have been using flickr (where I pay extra for unlimnited storage), and then copy the URL from there into my blog......could the same thing be your problem?

Just a shot in the dark - hope you get this resolved!

Brenda said...

Beautiful flowers Lai-Yoke! Sorry but I know NOTHING about blogger and all it's finicky things! I hope you get it sorted out though as I get shivers when I come to visit! (Hee Hee!)

Cat's sCrap said...

Wonderful flowers ! Deeply the spring !

Hugs from France.

onecraftymama said...

I'm a little jealous of your flowers...nothing popping up here yet, but then it still might snow as it's below zero. We did have a couple of days at +10C though, so maybe soon!

As for the blog header...I never have figured it out!