Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Holiday - Part 2

Here is part two of our holiday.

Passau Cathedral of St Stephan, Passau, Germany at the center of the old town claims to be the largest Baroque church north of the Alps. The previous Gothic cathedral was damaged in the town fire of 1662 and only the exterior of the choir reminds of the former High Gothic church. The interior is overwhelming Baroque with gilded stuccowork, statues, and frescoes

The world’s largest church organ – it has 17,974 pipes

After the church, we saw something "sinful"; bought and ate them!  To make it even more "sinful" we bought another bag!!

View from our appartment in Krk Island, Croatia

Upon arrival at the beach, I was attacked by ......

 Croatia Alphabet - see below for more explanation

A glimpse of the city of Vienna, Austria

Opera House was built in 1861.  The building itself closely resembles Italian Renaissance, as this epoch was immensely important for art and music. The first operas were written and performed in Italy during the 16th century.                  

As always, I appreciate all your sweet comments and I will leave you with this something special which I found in the metro station in the city of Vienna...... Here is the translation Opera Toilet with Music


brenda said...

Good morning Lai-Yoke,

More lovely photographs of your holiday, the views from your apartment the wonderful.

And Cathedral interior is so beautiful.

B x

Lin said...

Oh, Lai Yoke, wish I could have been a stowaway in your luggage - what a fabulous vacation! Love these pictures - thank you SO much for sharing them!!

onecraftymama said...

The nerve of the beach! Sheesh! I really like the Glagolitic sculpture - what a neat landmark. And the opera toilet...that's just too funny!

Sue said...

Hello Lai-Yoke
These are beautiful Photos, thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the viewing very much.

Annette said...

oh i love vacation photos...how fun...i so love Europe...thanks for sharing..

Cat's sCrap said...

Fabulous images ! Fantastic holidays.

Greta said...

Oh what a wonderful holiday! Love seeing the pictures! Doubt I'll ever see these places in person, but almost feel like I was there. Glad you're back!

Elizabeth Allan said...

Your photos are incredible...thank you so much for sharing! It is wonderful to see places that I have never traveled to.