Thursday, 22 November 2012

Blogger Upgrade

Good Morning

Yesterday, I was trying to upload my photo and was prompted that I have used up all my quota for my photos and therefore I need to buy an upgrade.

I have posted this question in the Flickr but only received two answers so far and the advice was to be careful with such thing especially when it involves payment.  Another advice was to check with blogger themselves.

I checked the questionaires at the blogger site and did find such upgrade and it seems to be trustful but I just wanted to make sure that it is safe before committing.

Has anyone upgraded this before or have heard of such thing?  Any advice is greatly appreciated.  

While waiting for this decision, all my photos will be uploaded in the flickr account

Thank you very much and wishing you a lovely day!


brenda said...

Morning Lai-Yoke,

I've been reading about these problems all over blog land they looks like lots of people are affected.

I had the problem earlier this year and tried out lots of the suggestions I found on the Internet including resizing but in the end I found the only solution for me ( bearing in mind I run several blogs) was to buy more space.

That cost me about $2 a month which in the end I decided wasn't too bad when everything else is free. It was about February when I first had the problem and started the subscription and everything has been fine ever since, so for me it's been worth it for peace of mind and easy operation.

Not sure I be much help but hope you get sorted soon.

B x

Jessi Fogan said...

Hi Lai-Yoke!
I had this happen earlier this year, and had read about it with other bloggers as well. The fee was $5, and once I paid it, I was able to upload photos again in less than the 24 hrs. promised. From my understanding of it at the time, once a year is up I'll be prompted to pay another $5 for the next year, etc.
I hope that's some help :)

joy said...

Sorry, I haven't run into this as yet! Hopefully someone else will be able to help with this. Hugs!

Greta said...

Figures--something else we have to pay for. My blog is too new, but I imagine I'll get it eventually. Funny how 1 person paid $2 & another had to pay $5. Makes you wonder.