Monday, 7 March 2011

Spring is coming

Spring is definitely coming! Last week, I spotted a rare bird in our garden and this week we have these crocus blooming in our garden already, I know these are not much but I'm so happy that colours are slowly coming into the garden.

Yesterday, we spent a couple of hours doing gardening as the weather is just too lovely. I was sweeping all the branches from the storm which we had weeks ago and some leftover from last year's autumn while Marcel was putting fences around the house to prevent cats from entering into the garden to their pooing!!

The daylight is getting a little bit longer now and I do feel a little bit better too.

Here are a couple of pictures taken from our garden with full sunshine!!!  Yeah!!!

Blooming Crocus

The tiny buds of the hydrangea

The beginning life of the tulips

Don't know the name of it but love the colour


Anna Seniw said...

The spring pictures are gorgeous!!! I just LOVE flowers! Unfortunately, back here in upstate NY, we had lots of rain yesterday and today woke up to a good 1/2 inch of snow and wind! Brrr :( Can't wait to see the spring flowers here!

Lin said...

Love seeing these little bits of spring coming for you! Thanks so much for the lovely photos!

Diana said...

Beautiful images. Thanks for visiting me!

Brenda said...

Such wonderful pictures Lai-Yoke! So full of promise of great things to come! So glad to hear you are feeling better!