Monday, 9 May 2011

Mother's Day

Happy Belated Mother's Day.  My family and my in-law had a gathering the last weekend at a holiday park which explain the delay of this post.  I'll post more photos of the gathering at a later stage. 

Made this set for my mother-in-law on Mother's Day.  Using the HA Antique Engraving Flowers, I've stamped the image in black on a green colored stockcard instead of white as I wanted something different. Colored the dogwood with colour pencil in white and pink and over with white again.  The background is embossed as I wanted to keep it simple but at the sametime to bring out the dogwood.  I also made a matching card.  The dimension of this handbag is about 15cm X 10cm and the card fits in perfectly.

I was looking for something for the handle and found something in the tool box and decided to use this rope.  To add an extra touch to the handle, I decided to braid the handle to give a stronger look!

When we were back from the long weekend, Claire gave this to me. It's a school project and I'm so happy that she made this notebook for me.  I've never owned anything made from felt before and this is from felt.  She said that the most difficult part was cutting out the alphabet "O". 

Inside the notebook, she wrote her poem.  Here is the translation (I'm trying my best to translate into English as dutch is not my mother tongue). It may not rhyme in English, but it is in dutch!

Mother's Day

It's a party today
It's Mother's Day
I'm happy that I can say
how much I love you
and how much I want to thank you


This apron is also another school project made by Maurice.  I got an apron and a recipe from him.  I remembered I used to call him a "cookie monster" when he was very young as he likes to eat and he eats everything which always pleases me.  I've never struggle with him when it comes to food!  Now at 12, he is still eating but more picky!!

Time flies.....


Lin said...

I love your creations for your Mother-in-law! The little touches of pink on the flowers are so special! And how sweet is your gift from Claire!

susanne said...

I love your card set for your mother-in-law! The natural look of the earth green with the dogwood flower is beautiful! It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Such sweet gifts from your children!

Angèle said...

Stijlvol tasje en bijpassende kaart. Super leuk dat je met ons meedoet bij DCL! Hopelijk tot een volgende keer.

Groetjes, Angèle

Emily Leiphart said...

Lai-Yoke, your gift set is gorgeous!! I LOVE the purse and the flowers are really gorgeous. Claire's gift? Incredible. Her poem is so touching and Maurice's apron is so cute!

rosalien said...

Schitterend gedaan, een hele sjiek uitstraling heeft het.
Bedankt voor het meedoen.

Groetjes Rosalien