Monday, 21 November 2011

Top 3

Usually, I would post my winning here but this time it's special because it's not about me but Claire!  She participated at her school with "Peace" drawing competition two weeks ago.  Till last week, we got to hear the result.  There were about 8 primary schools participated on this drawing competition which total up to about 300 students.  The age group of these students were from 10-12 years. 

She got to hear the news that she was selected to be in the top 12 amongst the 300 students. Super happy to hear this news!  Last Friday, was the announcement of the top 3 students and I was sooooo proud of Claire that she was second in place.  OMG!  Never would I have dreamt that she would be in the second place and this is her drawing.  Please excuse me if I bragged too much.  Just can't help it!

Claire's drawing - Her drawing signifies peace in all nations with the dove carrying the peace signs followed by the globe.  Besides the globe, she added details such as different races in each continents.  To complete her drawing, she made a border filled with flags from all over the world!  She tried to draw as many flags as possible, my apology if your flag is not here!

Here are the 12 selected candidates (2 are missing)  Claire is in the purple sweater

Sorry for the blur photos as all parents were so excited that everybody was trying to push everybody to get the best shots of their children (Claire is on the left) 

The happy and thrilled look

After the first unbelievable news, she received her first level snokelling course.  Another diploma.


Miss V said...

Please extend my Congratulations to Claire!!! I'm so proud of her and her drawing's brilliant! The details she considered like, each continent with a person, then the flags as borders, ooo i love the dove the most!

Kary said...

What an Awesome piece of art by Claire!! Congrats!! She is so talented, Lai-Yoke. You must be so proud of her. Love her drawing lots.

onecraftymama said...

Oh, wow! Congratulations, Claire, on two big achievements! And Lai-Yoke, it's not bragging, it's announcing how proud you are of your daughter. It's wonderful!

Lisa said...

Is it possible to brag too much about your children?? I think not :) What a beautiful drawing! We know where she gets her artistic talents from! Congrats, Claire!!

Brenda said...

Congratulations Claire! What awesome achievements and Lai-Yoke you have every right to be a bragging Mommy! That's your job!