Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Hi Everyone,

How are you?  Sorry for the long silence on my blog as many of you know that getting back into the rhythm of doing our regular things are not easy after being away for a couple of weeks. Since there is not much motivation at the moment, I have decided to clear my house and do some painting which I've been planning to do for a while already.  Yes!  I managed to tick off most of the "to do" list and am happy with it.  Now, I only need to find some motivation back into my crafty stuff. 

Here are some photos during our holiday.  In total, we went to 5 countries namely Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia and driven 4000km over the two weeks.  Unfortunately the weather at our first stop at South/ East Germany which is very close to the Czech Republic border (10km) was not good - it was rainy and cold.
Whilst at the village, Waldmunchen, there was a old timer show and we enjoyed it.  Here is our favourite.

A BMW and not too sure which year it was anymore.  It's a 3-wheel car and so tiny!

Czech Republic - This is the city centre of a village closeby our holiday house.  It's so simple with only a one street of shops with nothing fancy but I love their architecture.

I love how this set of garden furniture being built on "wheels".

We made a trip to this special place which was built from metal (thankfully) 20m above ground with a beautiful scenery.  I got so excited when I first saw it until I was in "it".  The wind began to blow and I could feel the passage moving and I got frozen!!  My DH always tell the kids that there is a mama before marriage and mama after marriage.

 This is how I would describe myself as before marriage : I did bungee jump, love roller coaster, parasailing, jetski, waterskiing, helicopter ride, hot-air balloon ride, karting and anything that pumps up my adrenaline.  Mama after marriage is totally opposite of the above!!! What happen?  

I love this special camera trick at this reserve.
This is the set-up
 My disgusting son, Maurice!

Thank you so much for dropping by and I will be back soon to share more of my holiday pictures from Austria and Croatia.  Have a lovely day!


Elizabeth Allan said...

Lai-Yoke your fabulous pictures took me aways on a virtual vacation! Thank you for sharing your travels and fun.

brenda said...

Hello Lai-Yoke,

Nice to have you back and here's you have a lovely holiday.

Thank you for sharing the lovely photograph of beautiful places, I have been to some of them although not Slovinia.

I think we all change quite a lot once we are Mums (: (:

B x

onecraftymama said...

It's funny, I've gone the other way - used to be very timid, and now with the kids I do all sorts of things I never would have! (Not bungee. Definitely not that crazy! lol)
I love the photos - especially the fun chair!

Lisa said...

Hi Lai-Yoke! Glad you are back! Sounds and looks like a wonderful vacation! I am still giggling over your last photo of Maurice :) Boys will be boys! Mine would think that was just hilarious!
I don't know how you could walk around on that bridge- my legs were all jello just seeing the photos!
Thanks for sharing!! Can't wait to see you back in action :) XX

Cat's sCrap said...

Fabulous images ! Have good holidays !
Hugs from France.

Barb said...

Welcome home, Lai-Yoke! Fun photos - so glad you shared them! :)

Miss V said...

Haha Maurice is so funny!

Czech : Beautiful

I love the 3 wheel car! Too cute! the colour too! I wish i have one of those :)

joy said...

I love seeing all of these wonderful photos of your travels, Lai-Yoke! What great memories you and your family will have. Those "trick" photos are so cute, too. Thanks for sharing.

Colleen Dietrich said...

I really enjoyed your photos, Lai-Yoke! I know what you mean about a mama before kids and a mama after. I totally hear you on that!

Love that camera trick with your 'tiny' son on the chair. :)

Brenda said...

Glad that you are back Lai-Yoke! Looks like you had a really fabulous holiday! Love ALL your photos, some are such fun especially the last one and the photo tricks ones!

Virginia L. said...

Beautiful vacation photos, Lai-Yoke! Glad that you had a lovely vacation! I will be in Amsterdam after tomorrow and I can't wait to see the sights there!

Greta said...

Love seeing your pictures, Lai-Yoke! Thank you so much for sharing! You cracked me up with the "before & after marriage mama"!